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WashAndGo - Feature Overview

Removes Unnecessary Garbage Files
WashAndGo cleans your system and increases your performance significantly. The following garbage types are detected by WashAndGo:
o Unnecessary garbage files
o Old log and dump files
o Content of temp folders
o Prefetch files and unnecessary setup cache files
o Unused backup files from service pack installations
o Content of your own temp folders
Plus dozens of additional cleaning gadgets
Corrects System Errors
WashAndGo is able to detect system errors and correct them. Your PC will become more stable. The following errors can be recognized and corrected:
o Defective shortcuts
o Windows Registry errors
o Orphaned entries in your Recent Files folder
o Wrong uninstall entries in Windows
Removes Traces
WashAndGo removes internet traces in Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer. WashAndGo allows you to do the following operations:
o Empty your browser cache
o Remove so-called Internet Cookies
o Clean your web history
o Remove Microsoft traces
o Clean over 100 different Windows applications
Safety First
WashAndGo will only suggest removal of a file or entry if it can be almost 100% certain that it is unnecessary and may be safely deleted.

Just in case a problem might arise, WashAndGo does create a security backup which allows you to undo any and all changes for a period of 14 days after cleaning.
Always Up To Date
WashAndGo can download security updates automatically if you want. This allows you to always keep WashAndGo updated.
Our Plus: 15 Years of Experience!
With over 15 years of experience in creating cleaning software, we are experts. You'd have to search very hard to find another IT company that can offer this level of expertise and high quality.

You'll be in good company
You're not alone when using WashAndGo. Our search dog is by your side, helping you to clean your system by finiding each and every piece of clutter.

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