The 2007 Microsoft Office System is by no means just another collection of incremental tweaks to the world’s most widely used productivity suite. What does this mean for users who already live and work in older versions of Office? Like any software, a significant change in the user interface, which receives 2007 apps impose a demanding learning curve than their predecessors. But we have found the adjustment worthwhile: This is clearly the most compelling Office upgrade we’ve seen in recent years. You can download the suite from a special page on the Microsoft Office Online Web site and check it out for yourself – free for 60 days.

The applications that we write sport both a dramatic new look and new bases in the form of XML-based default file formats for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The changes have a common purpose: The redesigned interface makes finding and using these applications’ powerful features much easier, and it is especially useful if you want to see your documents their best. The XML file formats reduce file size, let corporate users easily transfer information between applications and automate formatting and other changes in large libraries of documents. Since they were located on an open specification are Microsoft, rival productivity apps should eventually be able to duplicate and work with Office documents faithfully.

For network-connected workers, the suite provides more tools than ever before, including the new Office Groove collaboration app, and support for wikis and blog posts. These features are more useful for companies that invest in Office server products, to such as SharePoint Server or Groove Server.

Microsoft Office Standard 2007


Excel 2007
Outlook 2007
PowerPoint 2007
Word 2007

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