DBF Manager 2.067

Phần mềm Đọc và chỉnh sửa file *.DBF

* View and edit dbf files (DBase III, IV, V, Foxpro, Clipper)
* View and edit memo files
* Multidocument interface
* View dbf using ANSI or OEM character set
* Create and modify dbf structure
* Print dbf structure and dbf data
* Pack records
* Zap records
* Encrypt and decrypt dbf files
* Open, view and modify .ndx, .cdx, .ntx, .mdx index files
* Reindex opened index files
* Filter records using most of all Clipper/Foxpro functions
* Search and replace records
* Allow to set relation between two tables
* Exclusive and read-only modes
* Columns customization
* Create lookup fields in the opened table
* Import from csv, txt file formats
* Export to sql, csv, txt, xls, html file formats

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